Staging……An Instant Face-Lift!

As you start preparing your home to be listed, you also need to try to see your home as potential buyer’s will see it. We have found that over 80% of people will view the homes listing photos online before ever going to see the home. If you don’t get their attention from those photos, the odds are you won’t get them to come by and see your home in person. So how many potential home buyers could you lose by not freshening up the homes look and appeal?

We went through this home and by editing and re-arranging furniture then adding some rugs, pillows, florals and art, we really updated and freshened up the feel of the home. It was that instant Face- Lift we were looking for. We were now ready to show the home to potential buyer’s in the best light possible.  Even the entry offered a Big Welcome and How Do You Do!

We received multiple offers almost immediately and now our seller’s are looking forward to moving into their new home. We are so happy we could help this family with the next chapter of their lives and wish them the best of luck!

Multi-generational living…. ready or not


We all love our kids and are so proud to see them spread their wings and start their own lives. However, sometimes moving forwards first requires them to take a temporary step backward. Many of us have experienced our kids moving back home for awhile to be able to take that step forward.

This home had a nice open floor plan, which worked great for the family. However, once one of their kids had to move back in for awhile, that open floor plan became a large storage area.

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One of the great things about this home was that it had two staircases. The main staircase was grand and made quite a statement when you first walked into the home. The second staircase, which was in the family room, seemed forgotten and felt like it just took up valuable square footage. It also had these tall 20 foot ceilings that felt a bit cavernous.  Our job was to take advantage of the height while still making the rooms feel cozy and inviting.

We used great artwork to bring our eyes up and to make the forgotten staircase seem part of the family room. Also some great rugs on top of the dated carpeting really made the rooms feel fresh and inviting to all potential buyer’s.

The staging helped the home sell quickly and now the seller’s and their daughter are able to move into their new……..but separate homes.

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1920’s Spanish Hacienda


Of all the home styles I love, the vintage Spanish home would have to be at the top of my list. It’s hard to match the beauty, style and practical living these homes provide. The thicker walls keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This home just has “it” and it has “it” in abundance. I can’t always describe what “it” is but I know when a home has it and when it doesn’t.

The home not only had a gorgeous interior but the grounds, with it’s mature trees and shrubs, made my heart skip a beat. It even had a dutch door leading out from the kitchen towards the patio and pool.  Don’t even get me started on the large trees with a hammock hung between them. The thought of laying in that hammock, shaded from the afternoon sun reading a book with some ice cold tea or lemonade was such a decadent thought.

The home was nicely laid out but I still needed to show potential buyers that this vintage home could not only meet the demands of today’s families it could do it with style and elegance.



The front room was a great size, nicely laid out and had some wonderful built in bookshelves. However, it wasn’t providing the welcome I was looking for. The master bedroom initially felt a bit dark but when we finished the staging,  it just felt romantic.


We showed the family room could easily handle a houseful. The kitchen overlooked the family room and the butler’s pantry. And who wouldn’t love all that kitchen storage that the butler’s pantry provided.The shelving over the kitchen fireplace was incredible. Storage for cookbooks, pottery, herbs….. it was heaven.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dining room. From romantic dinners to family get together’s, this room could handle it all and do it with style. From the french doors leading to a more private patio to the chandelier, it just just lovely.


This home has found it’s new family but I will always remember the few wonderful moments it was mine.