Leo's Daughters Pages-16

Photo by LeAnne Eden

Hi, I’m Laura and this blog has been inspired by the many wonderful homes I have staged over the years. Some girls like beautiful shoes, nice clothes or custom jewelry. Who am I kidding, I love those things too. But homes are my passion!  Big or small, Craftsman to cottage, Farmhouse to Contemporary. All fixed up or ready to fall down,  I love them all.


My husband Jim and I like to work hand-in-hand with our contractors to help transform sad, outdated, and sometimes barely functional houses to homes that any family would love to call their own. Once the construction is done I am able to come in and help reveal the style, beauty and personality of the home.


I am also always on the lookout for those unsung or hidden treasures that can be transformed and used in my home staging’s. I really love the combination of old and new so that the home looks inviting and collected over time. It also help brings balance to the home and invites conversation .


My daughter Kristina has long felt I needed to show the transformation of the homes we have worked. So we hope you enjoy our blog and we would love to hear about your own home transformations.

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