Staging……An Instant Face-Lift!

As you start preparing your home to be listed, you also need to try to see your home as potential buyer’s will see it. We have found that over 80% of people will view the homes listing photos online before ever going to see the home. If you don’t get their attention from those photos, the odds are you won’t get them to come by and see your home in person. So how many potential home buyers could you lose by not freshening up the homes look and appeal?

We went through this home and by editing and re-arranging furniture then adding some rugs, pillows, florals and art, we really updated and freshened up the feel of the home. It was that instant Face- Lift we were looking for. We were now ready to show the home to potential buyer’s in the best light possible.  Even the entry offered a Big Welcome and How Do You Do!

We received multiple offers almost immediately and now our seller’s are looking forward to moving into their new home. We are so happy we could help this family with the next chapter of their lives and wish them the best of luck!

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