Making a great First Impression


This home had a nice entry, beautiful gray wood floors, light gray painted walls and wonderful tall ceilings. When we first saw the home we could see the potential, however, it had furniture that didn’t match it’s size or style. When you walked into the home one of the first rooms you saw was the dining room. Then as you walked further in, the frontroom came into view. The frontroom had minimal furniture and that furniture was small in scale so it made the room seem much smaller than it really was.


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We needed to show how large the frontroom was to potential buyer’s so they could see how easily it could handle a room full of family and friends.  The dining room area was not well defined so it rambled on.  We needed to artfully divide the one large room into a frontroom and dining room, each with their own identity.  We decided to bring in a bit of bling to the dining room as it had no chandelier to soften the area. So we brought in some mirrored wall panels to help give the room a bit of romantic elegance.



This home needed to make a great first impression and when we were done, it truly did. The style now matched the delightful features. This home welcomed potential buyer’s into it’s embrace the moment they stepped inside and never let go.


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