Decorating with Bold Colors


When preparing to sale your home, you will usually want to give it a fresh coat of neutral paint, a light tan or gray color usually works the best, so that it appeals to the broadest base of potential buyer’s. However, that is not always an option. In this home we needed to work with some very nice but bold colors in two important areas, the open concept kitchen and family room and the master bedroom.

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The family room had a dark more rustic fireplace while the kitchen had a lighter, more cottage style feel. They were complete opposites that needed to compliment each other. In the family room we brought in artwork that we were able to use over the fireplace that not only softened it’s rustic feel but pulled in the unusual green of the kitchen cabinets. Then from that art work we were able to pull in a beautiful blue and white patterned rug and complimenting green pillows for the couch. We also had a great Magnolia Farm coffee table that had a rustic/elegant feel that completed the look we were going for.

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In the master bedroom we were working with a dark purple on the two of the walls. In that room we brought in a gorgeous teal color to compliment the dark purple. Again, we used artwork and bedding that pulled these colors together. Now not only did the bedroom colors work, they worked together beautifully.

Sometimes the things that seem to be the most difficult to work with can give you the nicest surprises!

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