Give your bedroom a little ‘zhush’


Putting together an attractive and inviting bedroom isn’t as hard as you think. It all starts with what should be your focal point, the bed. From iron to upholstered or contemporary to architectural, you need a great bed. Just remember, a great bed doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to express your personality.  Next you want to make sure your bed is positioned correctly. I can’t tell you how many times I go into a bedroom and the bed is placed so that it cuts the room in half, or, makes the room feel off balance.

Next you need to look at your bedding. I mean really look at your bedding. Is it looking a bit too expected, dated or, can I say it, boring?

To keep my beds looking fresh and exciting, I like to mix colors and textures to help me add style and personality. I have found that three colors usually work best. However, there are times when two colors are the ticket. That’s when I bring in texture to mix things up and help me find the perfect balance.


This bedroom had a more understated elegant look, so I decided to design the bed with two colors. However, it also had a younger more contemporary feel, so a bit of texture was called for. We started with a simple white matelasse bedspread and brought in a gorgeous amethyst purple duvet, which I folded and put at the end of the bed. To add in a little drama we used white fur pillows and a great throw. These colors really played against the grey, white and black palate used in the room.


In this bedroom we used three colors. The wall color was light grey and the carpet was beige, which is not always an easy design combination. I brought in a white, grey and celadon green bedspread topped with a dark grey bedspread with a unique design on it.  The celadon green helps make the bedding “pop” and keeps the room from feeling to serious or formal.


In determining the color palate for bedding I will either pick a picture or pillow that will be the main color inspiration for the room. I take the picture or pillow with me when shopping so that I can make sure everything blends together yet allows me to try unexpected combinations.

One thought on “Give your bedroom a little ‘zhush’

  1. Always with Laura Cavanaugh, you will find the three basic, but sometimes elusive, qualities of style, function, and an eye on the budget. Truly beautiful work.


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